To Do List for 11/30


  1. Check out Today’s Warm Up
  2. Look over your free write and highlight sentences you could take pictures of.
  3. Shoot/Edit for  This Week’s Photo Challenge, Metaphor
    1. Two Photos due on FRIDAY
  4. Vote on Low Key Lighting – Period 1Period 5

Today’s Warm Up: Home by Martin Juul

After viewing the photos contained in the above link, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

What makes these images stand out? What role does the camera angle play in these images?  What ideas do you get for your own images?

Today’s Warm Up: Metaphor – Freewrite



For today’s warm up, you will do a 10 minute free write on Metaphor.

Keep you pen or fingers moving at all times. Write for the full 10 minutes.

Mainly if you were going to compare yourself to something, what would it be? Follow the images in your head, follow them for as long as you can, writing down as much detailed information as you can. The more details you get, the more material you will have for the pictures you take for this photo challenge.

If you cannot think anything for what your metaphor is, what thing you are most like, try a color. If you could be any color, what would it be and why?

This Week’s Photo Challenge: Metaphor

Gallery Twenty Eight – Using Symbols and Metaphors to Express Meaning

Quotes on Metaphor:

“A metaphor is not language, it is an idea expressed by language, an idea that in its turn functions as a symbol to express something.” – Susanne Langer, The Difference between Metaphors and Symbols

“A metaphor is an image that suggests something else. For instance, if I say to a person, “You are a nut,” I’m not suggesting that I think the person is literally a nut. “Nut” is a metaphor.” ~ Joseph Campbell, in conversation with Bill Moyers, What is Metaphor?

“Your psychological vision or “mind’s eye” (symbolic and metaphorical vision) is your ability to reinterpret, de-literalize and reframe the world around you in the most imaginatively meaningful, mindful, and autobiographical ways possible.” ~ John Kosmopoulos, Silver Zen Photography, The 5 C’s of Photographic Vision

“Visual metaphors are rarely as direct as verbal metaphors. Visual metaphors may be recognized consciously, but if they’re present, they are always felt.” ~ John Paul Caponigro, Visual Metaphors


You can use metaphors as a background in a double exposure image, or you can shoot something that is a stand in for something else. Example. I can’t tell you about my depression, but I can still take a picture of a landscape and have you feel my depression through it.

These  links looks at Metaphors in Photography

Two Photos are due on 12.2

Today’s Warm Up: Vincent Bal Shadow Doodles

After viewing the photos contained in the link above, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

How was Bal able to manipulate the shadows so that they took the shape that they do? How does this demonstrate creative problem solving? What could you do that is similar to this? What do you take from this in your own work?