To Do List for 2/28

  1. View & respond to today’s warm up. Part 1 and Part 2
  2. Trace an image of yourself and create a painting from it.
  3. Turn in your tracing as a .jpg into Google Classroom when you are done.
  4. Shoot & Edit the five photos for your Personal Essay
    1. Highlight five sentences to photograph.
    2. Shoot those five images.
    3. Photos are due on Friday.
    4. Turned into Classroom & Uploaded & Added to the Flickr group HHS Photography
  5. Vote for your period’s Famous Quote photo Period 1Period 4 – .Period 6

Today’s Warm Up: Part 2: Trace Yourself.

For today’s 2nd part of the warm up. Strong will hand you a Wacom Tablet and have you connect your tablet to one of the USB connections in the front of the computer.

Step 1: Connect your tablet to your computer.

Step 2: Open a photo you took, or the photo that your interview partner took of you for your Introduction Portrait.

Step3: Create a new layer above your photo layer.

Step 4: Adjust the brush settings in Photoshop and play with placing an outline around  your subject.

Step 5: Zoom into your face and trace features of your face.

Step 6: Keep doing this until you have an illustration.


Today’s Warm Up: The Cinegraphs of Michael Manolo

After viewing the photographs contained in the above link, answer the following questions using complete sentences. How does Manolo combine illustration with photography? How could you do something similar? We will be doing a photo challenge where we combine illustration with photography? What impossible thing  will you make possible for your Illustration/Photograph mash up?

Today’s Warm Up: Nacho Ormaechea’s Street Memories

After viewing the photos contained in the link above, answer the following questions using complete sentences. What makes this photo series different from any that you have seen before? How is Ormaechea’s composite photography different from others you may have seen before? What kind of ideas do you get for your own work?