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Today’s Warm Up: Anatomy of a Cloned Photo

So with the long weekend and the Clone Photo Challenge due tomorrow, I thought I’d hit you with a few reminders.

First, in Bridge, when you have all your cloned photos, to get them into one image, select them all, then choose Tools, Photoshop, Load images into Photoshop layers.

Anatomy of a Cloned PHoto

When you do this, you’ll see the images load into photoshop, like in my example above.

The next thing you’ll need is to create a layer mask. You can do this by hitting this button.
layer mask.JPG

That will make a white mask that you can poke a hole into by painting this layer with black. Looking at the example above, notice how with multiple images with different clones, I had to paint holes in the same place in multiple layers for all the clone layers to be visible, otherwise the new layers without layer masks will block out your work.