Photo Challenge Voting: Movie Poster: Period 1


To Do List for 1/31


  1. Check out Today’s Warm Up
  2. Check out the Extra Credit Assignment: Silhouette or Levitation
  3. Get together in your CFGs and critique your Mash Up photos.
  4. Fill out the survey on CFGS & Exit Survey
  5. work on Final Portfolio – Due February 2nd for 1st, 3rd for 5th
  6. Vote on Movie Poster
    1. Period 1
    2. Period 5
  7. Vote on Cloning Photos.
    1. Period 5
    2. Period 1

Today’s Warm Up: The Night Landscapes of David Egan

After viewing the photos contained in the above link, answer the questions using complete sentences.

How do Egan’s night landscapes different from other landscapes that you have seen? How do you think he was able to capture so much light in a nighttime setting? What composition techniques does Egan use to bring his message to his audience? What sort of ideas does this give you for your own work?


Extra Credit Assignment: Silhouette or Levitation (Choose One)

Taking a Levitation photo isn’t as hard as you think. In the above link, the girl on the chair is photographed in one image. Then the girl and the chair is removed and a clena photo of the background is taken. The two are stacked on top of each other in Photoshop and layer masks are used to erase only the chair from the top image.

In a Silhouette, only the black outline and shadow of a person or object is visible .

Either way, you will get 4 points extra credit for any image you turn in. Photos due in before Feb. 2, which is this Thursday.

Today’s Warm Up -Martin Strankas’s I Found the Silence

After viewing the photos contained in the above link, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

How does Stranka use levitation to get his ideas across? What are the ideas he is trying to bring forth through these images? What editing tools did he use to make these photographs look this way? What ideas do you get for your own work after looking at these photos?

CFG Critique – Mash Up

Step 1: Get together in your CFGs and pull up the Mash Up Photos you made last week. All of the work that was turned in last week is up now on the website.

Step 2: Each person should be able to answer these questions about each photo in your CFG. Write down the group’s thinking on each of these questions for each of your photos. Post the answers in a google doc and turn it into Google Classroom. Critiques are due on Friday.

1. How well does one photo flow into the next photo? What is the idea that connects the two images? Does this image demonstrate thinking outside the box or is this idea something that most people would think of for this assignment? What could be done to make the two images flow nicely into one another? What is photographer trying to say with this image?

Each person turn in a copy of their group’s answers to the above questions