Photo credits: Sierra Sullivan, Daisha Martin, Camper Ruybal, Keirstyn Obermiller,Francisco Lizama on the ones with a white background .

For this week’s photo challenge, you will take two pictures that have something to say about the other. See above. Notice how the architecture could represent the beauty that is inside of her mind, or possibly of her upbringing, or her culture, or possibly all three.

Use the tutorial, I showed, here, for specific instructions on how you want to make this happen in Photoshop.

DO A BIT OF PRE-PLANNING! Don’t just throw two random images together, the results just won’t be as good.

Have something to say about the person you are double exposing with another object/person. Do it for a reason. Everything has a reason, everything has a purpose.


Want more examples?

The first Double Exposure photo will be due on 5/24.

The 2nd Double Exposure photo will be due on 5/29.

This Week’s Photo Challenge: Dreams

For your next assignment, you will interpret dreams in two different photos. Make sure you have two different ideas in your images. You will be graded on your use of photoshop to create a surreal or dreamlike look to your photos.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung came up with a few archetypes for dreams, images that surfaced over and over again in people’s dreams.

Jung’s Archetypes:

The Trickster – think Loki, wizards, someone who cannot be trusted.

Anima/Animus – How Males and Females relate to the opposite sex, operates on a spectrum.

The Shadow – the below diagram shows the relationship with a human, their outer and their shadow, inner selves.

Warm Up on Goldman’s Dream Series

Above is the link that photographer Ronen Goldman gave himself the challenge of photographing his dreams. Which makes for the best example of this assignment.

Using photoshop to create special effects is the main focus of this assignment. Composite photography combines multiple images into one image. Where you have one photograph that is the stage and other pieces that are combined from other images.

Could include: Levitation


First Photo is due on Thursday, 5/10, and the 2nd due on Monday, 5/14.

This Week’ s Photo Challenge: HDR

For next week’s photo challenge you will create two HDR images, consisting of at least three images for each HDRimages.

For each image you will take at least three photos, but five looks much more like the photo above.

  • One image at normal exposure
  • One image with the exposure upped to +1
  • One image with the exposure upped to +2
  • One image with the exposure reduced to -1
  • One image with the exposure reduced to -2

Once you are in Adobe Bridge, select all five images, then go up to Tools, then HDR toning.

Tweak the settings until you get an image that looks like the above image.

TIP. For modes, take one image and create four copies, adjust each copy to the settings above. This is cheating, in a way, but imagine trying to keep your eye open for all five shots and have them look the same.

TIP: HDR images work best with architecture, wide shots of landscapes, etc.Turn in two HDR images to Classroom,



REQUIRED RESPONSE: RESPOND TO THIS POST WITH TWO IDEA FOR THIS PHOTO CHALLENGE. Write in complete sentences, write as many details as possible.

What We Miss: Part 1

 Step 1: 


Your best self:

  • Plugged/Unplugged
  • Free-write:
  • Give me an example of when you are at your best.
  • Online and Offline.
  • Think about the experiences you have had on a device and away from a device.
  • How are these experiences different for you?
  • Share the results with your group.
  • Have one person from your group post the results as comment to this post.

Step 2:

  • Take this quiz: And do a screenshot of the results, use the snipping tool.
  • Discuss the results of the quiz with members of your group.
    • What number did you get?
    • What category does your result say about your addiction?
    • Were the results surprising to you?
    • Are you more or less addicted than you thought?
  • Collect the information below from each member of the group

Step 3:

Break the article and have each person read a part of the article. Then get together and share what you’ve read:

In small groups. How accurate is this article? Are there parts of it that reflect the kinds of behaviors that you do as well? How are you and your friends similar to the situation the girl in the article describes? How different are you and your friends lives to the ones in the article?

What are the long term effects of living this way? What are the positives? What are the negatives?

Step 4: Conclusions and what to do: What can we agree on as a policy?

Strong’s Farewell Letter


Strong’s Farewell Letter

This is it, the last day of Photo 2! Please take a few minutes and come up with a few paragraphs about your overall experience in this class.  Tell me a memory, a feeling, the best thing you learned, your favorite project, best moments in class. What made these moments possible? What are your overall impressions of this class? How are you feeling on this last day in here?

Also, if you could give one piece of advice to next year’s Photo 2  students what would that be?

Post these answers into the provided Google Doc on Google Classroom.

Have a great Summer!