To Do List for 4/28

Learning Target: I can improve on my practice portrait by shooting a final image an turning it in today.

  1. Shoot and edit for the Partner Portrait Photo Challenge
    1. Final photo due TODAY.
    2. Turn into Google Classroom. 
    3. Added to the Group Strong Photography on Flickr.

Today’s Warm Up: Practice Photo Analysis

After viewing your period’s practice photo for the off camera flash portrait, answer the following questions using complete sentences as a comment to this post.


Period 1:

Period 4:

Period 6:

Looking at the notes you took after you interviewed your subject, how does the practice photo you turned in yesterday match up with the answers your subject gave you last week? How could the image be more like the person you are photographing? What worked about your photo, what could be improved for the final photo?

Photo Challenge Voting: Collage: Period 6

Today’s Warm Up: Behind the scenes of high-concept portrait photography

After reading the text and viewing the video in the link above, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

What role does the location of these photos play in the final set of images? What role does the lighting play? What does the use of off camera flash do to the subject? What affect does the off camera flash have with the scene it is used in, what about the background?


Apologies for not being in today. I broke my toe over the weekend and need an extra day to recover. I am extending the deadline for the Off Camera Flash Portrait assignment, and today you get to play with Lighting diagrams. I will be back tomorrow, hobbling around.

Thanks as always for your support and I’ll see you tomorrow.

With Love,



Today’s Warm Up: Lighting Diagram Creator

Step 1: Look at the answers for your portrait interview.

Step 2: Post your answers to these questions as a comment to this post.

  1. The idea you have for this photo: Is it a bright photograph, a gray photograph, or a dark photograph? What props are you bringing in for this?
  2. What angle will the light be hitting your subject’s face?
  3. Will there be any special effects or post production effects in this photo?
  4. Please describe the effects from question 3

Step 3: Now that you have an idea in your head. Complete a Lighting Diagram using the link below.

Step 4: Click Export and choose jpg. Post your diagram jpg file to the Google Classroom link.